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    Roofs are one of the most integral parts of the building system; they represent a complex component of the larger building system and fulfill a variety of functions critical to the building’s performance. Probably no other single construction feature of a building is so often taken for granted. The majority of roofing systems play a crucial role in the control of the interior environment, including protection of the building contents and maintaining the comfort of the occupants. Roofs are required to perform a host of functions. In addition to being barriers to rain and snow, they must resist vapor migration from within, act as barriers to sun, heat, cold, fire, wind, noise, and meet the aesthetic demands of the owner.

    In many respects a roof can be considered a fixed asset. However, there are important attributes that distinguish a roof from normal capital investments. The satisfaction obtained from the roof investment is generally consumed over a very long time relative to other types of investments. The life expectancy of roofs is generally expected to be twenty years or more. Roofs are subjected to the extreme exposure of weather that the owner has no control over. A roof cannot be turned off like a car or a production machine when repairs or maintenance become necessary. They must continue to function uninterrupted while interior operations are ongoing. A roof’s failure or less than expected level of service can result in serious adverse consequences on the value of the building, the cost of operations and the comfort of the occupants. The implementation of a program of routine preventive and corrective maintenance can protect the roofing investment to achieve full, uninterrupted service and extend the roof’s useful service life. Establishing a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance is critical to the long-term performance of the roofing system.

    Building owners sometimes operate under the misconception that once a roof is installed, no further action is required. They believe that warranties will provide remedy for any performance problems that may occur. It is true that warranties provided by reputable manufacturers are useful in protecting the building owner when leaks occur as a result of material defects and workmanship. However this protection is limited to repair only; it does not provide for consequential damages. Almost all warranties available in the marketplace today specify that they may be voided in the event of the failure to properly maintain the roof. In other words, roof maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.

    Effective roof asset management is the result of sound planning. Knowing when to maintain, repair or replace a roof and being able to budget for such an event is proactive management. The objectives of roof management are to establish predictable and controllable costs inherent to roof ownership, while focusing on reducing the life cycle costs and minimizing the problems associated with roof maintenance.

    Through our Roof Asset Management Program we will design a specific program tailored to your needs, so as to detect problems before they cause extensive and costly damage. We offer a variety of programs to meet each client’s specific demands and requirements. Our typical program includes roof inspection, roof analysis, corrective recommendations in report format with photos, and development of repair specifications and construction cost estimates. We have the capabilities to perform remedial preventive maintenance items including general housekeeping, cleaning and repairs to deficiencies. We also have the capability to provide a computer database program that enables clients to prioritize roofing needs, maintain more complete roofing files, anticipate roof improvements and track roof performance. This is particularly beneficial for multiple-roof or multiple-site operations, as effective facility roof management becomes exponentially more difficult as the number of roof areas or locations increase.

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